Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review: Butter London Nail Foundation, Essie Shifting Power, Essie Luxe Effects

At my first visit to Ulta, I picked up some polishes I had been wanting and the ones I've tried so far give me contentment with my choices.  Here's a quick review.

I never found a base coat I thought was amazing.   I just pick up any drugstore brand and use it.  Butter London's Nail Foundation base coat is very different from your typical base coat.  Its name "nail foundation" gives a hint at what the product does.  Once applied, your nails will have a sheer, semi-matte veil of perfection. If you wanted a bare nail look or were running low on time, it could be worn by itself for a perfected nude nail. It dries fast and the brush is exactly what I prefer, a skinny, dense brush for the best control.

 Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat 

Nails with Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat 

Essie Shifting Power
I fell in love with this color recently when I went for a spa day and chose this shade for my manicure.  It is a creamy, gold metallic which blends beautifully with skin and has great lasting power.  When I came across this at ULTA and saw there were only 2 left, I had to pick one up.  This polish has got to be one of Essie's best formulas.  It's great for the office since it's not too metallicy and just beautiful.  2 coats will suffice to get desired results.

This polish looked so pretty and I thought it would be a perfect match to add a hint of glitter to Shifting Power I added this to my shopping bag.  It is a subtle glitter top coat.  If you are not into chunky glitter and prefer a toned down look this top coat will give your nails the hint of twinkle.  It's not a pow, in your face type of glitter polish;  perfect for the office party!

Essie Shifting Power & As Good As It Gets

Thanks for reading and have fun getting your nails done for the holidays!

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  1. This is very big and good cosmetic brand and i also really like it and i see many females like this in UK and outside UK and this is has very shining gloss.


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