Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best App for Toddlers on iPhone and iPad2

Noah has been using the Preschool Monkey Lunchbox App for about 5 months now and has been enjoying it from the moment I downloaded it (for reference he is 26 months old).  It's available on iTunes for only $0.99; the best $0.99 I've ever spent!

In the beginning he was not able to understand or play any of the games well and was purely amused by the monkey who instructs what is to be done and says "uh oh" if you do the wrong thing.  He gets happy and jumps up and down just like the monkey does when he passes a level.

There are 6 learning games in this app to teach:
  1. Letters: Monkey prompts child to pick the fruit which starts with the chosen letter, chosen letter is shown and photos of the fruit and word is spelled out for the child to see 
  2. Counting: Child needs to press on each fruit for it to be counted.  The Monkey counts each as it is pressed.
  3. Colors: Monkey asks child to press all the fruits which are the chosen color.  If the wrong one is chosen, it says "uh oh" and repeats the color to select again.
  4. Puzzle: A 4 piece puzzle of different fruits to piece together by dragging and dropping.
  5. Matching / Memory:  Memory game where child presses each card to reveal the fruit and must match them up.
  6. Difference: Child must press the different, biggest or smallest fruit.
After each phase, your child is able to collect a sticker to put on their board.  They can fill their entire board up with these stickers!

I didn't expect much out of the app as a learning tool and would let him play for entertainment and it was a life saver if we went out to eat or to a friend's house when he was getting restless.  And then one day he started saying words of the fruits in the game.  His favorites are "Apple" and "Mango".  He calls the app "Apple", when he comes over and says "Apple" it means he wants to play Monkey Preschool Lunchbox.  Soon, he was able to play the Memory game successfully.  I tried to help him develop cognitive skills with the memory blocks but it didn't work because he just wanted to throw them around.  With this app he was able to understand the remember and match up the fruits.  He is able to do the puzzle when he feels like it; other times he wants me to do it for him.  The counting game is easy as you just press the fruits and the number is counted.  He has not caught onto the color game yet and it getting better at the letter game and difference game.  I love this app as much as he does because it keeps him busy and he is learning from it.  It is a must try.  Even if your child doesn't get it immediately, after some or many times playing I'm sure he/she will learn from it too!

For more information visit the app's site at:

See Noah in action:


  1. I have practically weaned my almost-three year old on this game! So good. Try Tozzle! That's a great game too!

  2. Glad to find another parent who loves this app! Thanks for the rec, I will definitely check out Tozzle.


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